LiVe History

With performances, demos and production pitches, LiVe is showcasing the finest work from Latvia. The showcase, which takes place on November, encompasses the full range of performing arts, including dance and theatre, also delivered in exciting yet difficult-to-define combinations.

LiVe invites international professionals to engage with digital presentations, performances, pitches, talks and a selection of works from Riga theatres.

LiVe digital platform serves also as a digital catalog for guests or any interested parties who want to get the information about particular performances and their technical requirements for touring. LiVe aims to acquaint foreign partners with contemporary Latvian performing arts works, artists and the specifics of the local theatre industry in order to promote more fruitful international cooperation and more diverse development of Latvian performing arts scene.

During the showcase, the digital platform LiVe also acts as a centre of the event where the presenters can watch the performances, follow the daily programme and participate in the conversations and discussions.

LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase is organized by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) in cooperation with Latvian theatres, companies and individual artists.

Digital platform LiVe is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the target programme “KultūrELPA” of the State Culture Capital Foundation.

About NTIL

New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) is a project based organisation working in the field of contemporary performing arts. Since 1995 NTIL has been organizing the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus, which is the largest performing arts platform in Latvia. NTIL also produces and presents projects and long term collaboration programmes together with local and international partners, strongly believing in the necessity to explore the contemporary performing arts field together with artists and audiences.

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Specifically Latvian

Every year when the Latvian Theatre Showcase takes place, a special edition of the newspaper “Specifically Latvian” is created in cooperation with performing arts critics and authors reflecting on current events in Latvian performing arts and providing an in-depth introduction to the Latvian theater and dance scene and processes. The newspaper is also available in the electronic format, thus creating an internationally available informative archive about Latvian theater shows.

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