Performance, Text-based, All Latvian with English Subtitles


The parents of a kindergartner, a primary school teacher, a member of a secondary school’s student council and the members of an organ of a university’s Constitutional Assembly have four excruciating meetings. Passive tense is a play about professional ecstasy which leads to academic impotence. It is about hundred-year-old ladies with yellowed notes who feebly flutter in their own world. It is about realistic and unrealistic reforms and how slow and leisurely yesterday becomes tomorrow.

Artist / Company biography

KVADRIFRONS is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit theatre troupe founded in 2017 by a small group of like-minded artists. Together with their artistic collaborators or sometimes just by themselves, they create and reflect on topics that they find important, interesting, necessary and amusing. The troupe describes its approach as contemporary, dramatic and interdisciplinary that aims to create an artistic space where various people from different backgrounds can connect and feel a sense of belonging. The artistic program of KVADRIFRONS consists of events that combine elements of theatre, music, the visual arts and film. They aim to explore the relations that govern society and to critically evaluate the past while reacting to current processes and creating a vision for the future, all done with a healthy dose of humor, irony and controversy.

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Contact info

Inese Tone,, +371 29882311


Director: Klāvs Mellis
Script: Ance Strazda, Klāvs Mellis
Performers: Ance Strazda, Reinis Boters, Una Eglīte (esARTE), Āris Matesovičs
Costume Design: Inese Tone
Lighting Design: Jānis Sniķers, Kārlis Staņa
Sound Design: Kārlis Tone
Collaborating partner: VSIA Rīgas cirks
Supported by State Culture Capital Foundation, “Irve”

Technical specification