Klāvs Kristaps Košins

Performance, Text-based, 16+ Latvian with English Subtitles


White smoke rises over the Vatican, the conclave has elected a new pope. Meanwhile, a police car stops at 9/11 Baznicas Street in Riga.” Conclave (Konklāvs) is a detective story based on Klāvs Kristaps Košins personal experience. The performance talks about addictions in a broad sense. The performance is the director’s diploma work, graduating from the Latvian Academy of Culture.

Decision on the performance of a special investigative action as a matter of urgency: On 14 January 2020, criminal proceedings were initiated in the Jurmala Division of the Riga Regional Administration of the State Police in the case No. 5248542527 in connection with the obtained information regarding the illegal sale of narcotic substances in the territory of the Riga region. At this stage of the pre-trial proceedings, favorable conditions have arisen for the investigation, enabling criminal proceedings to be taken immediately to combat the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and to stop the criminal activity of persons involved.

Artist / Company biography

In 2021, the young stage director Klāvs Kristaps Košins graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture where he studied in professor Mara Kimele’s course. From 2016 to 2018, Košins studied at the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute in Moscow where he acquired acting skills. During his studies he has staged such performances as Idiot and Karamazov Brothers based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s work, Weed by Rūdolfs Blaumanis, Venetian Merchant based on the work of William Shakespeare, as well as his diploma work Conclave. At the festival of the Latvian Academy of Culture Patriarch Autumn 2019 he won the Grand Prix for his Karamazov Brothers. He has participated as an actor in several performances at the Latvian Academy of Culture and also in movies such as The Year Before the War, Change and others.

Contact info

Anna Sīle,, +371 29394494


Director: Klāvs Kristaps Košins, Diāna Kondraša
Scenography, Costume Design, Video:  “Grāfienes” (Marianna Lapiņa, Justīne Jasjukēviča, Dace Ignatova)
Sound Design: Viktors Roze
Lighting design: Niks Cipruss, Andris Landaus
Consultant: Laura Gorodko
Performers: Endīne Bērziņa, Klāvs Kristaps Košins, Jurģis Lūsis

Supported by Latvian Academy of Culture, Eduards Smilgis Theatre Museum, State Culture Capital Foundation