Ramona Levane

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The dance performance Elaeis Guineensis is created by choreographer Ramona Levane in collaboration with the performers Darja Turčenko and Edvards Kurmiņš. Elaeis guineensis is the Latin name for a species of palm commonly known for producing palm oil. “I wanted to create a piece about palm oil. I ended up creating a piece about why I wanted to create a piece about palm oil,” explains the author. It is a visually enjoyable performance that subtly plays with the theme of trust and balance. The performance stands out with the quality of movements, atmospheric environment and nuanced live music design.


Artist / Company biography

Ramona Levane has been connected to dance for more than 10 years with experience in various dance styles – hiphop, house, classical dance, contemporary dance etc. In the summer of 2021, Levane graduated Latvian Academy of Culture, where she gained experience and knowledge in contemporary dance technique and composition. During her studies, the choreographer has created around 6 short (3-15 minutes long) composition works, and the piece Elaeis guinnensis as her graduation work. Levane has also worked as a choreographer in the making of Matīss Kaža feature film Neona pavasaris.

Contact info

Patrīcija Kolāte, patricija.kolate@lka.edu.lv, +371 28313879


Choreography: Ramona Levane
Performers: Edvards Kurmiņš, Darja Turčenko
Lighting Design: Dainis Sumišķis
Sound Design: Kārlis Daudziņš
Producer: Latvian Academy of Culture
Executive producer: Katrīna Smilga
Supported by State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvian Academy of Culture