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This play takes you on a mission. Have you, too, recently felt a disturbance in the flow of time and space? Have you become increasingly aware that this disturbance won’t go away without your help? And are you ready to get down to business and defeat it? If your answer is “yes,” we’ve got a job for you become our agent who is looking for the World Rescue Tools! #wearehiring #teirdarbs

This participatory audio performance by Krista Burāne explores the relationship between man and nature. It contains 20 different scenarios created together with children and young people aged 10-16. After a series of workshops, the pupils of two schools in Cēsis, Latvia ​have elaborated fantasy scenarios about the destruction and saving of the world

The performance takes place in an empty school, proposing 5 different routes where viewers can go in pairs. These routes are created based on the possibilities of the premises of the particular school and allow visiting classrooms, library, gym, wardrobe, canteen, etc. while listening to the stories written and spoken by children and looking for the tools to save the world. In the last act of the performance the audience is invited to work in pairs to create an installation of the World Rescue Tools.

The work premiered in Valmiera Summer Theatre Festival 2021.



Artist / Company biography

Krista Burāne is a theatre and film director with master’s degrees in philosophy and film directing. In the centre of her creative practice is a deep interest in life and humanism, potential for cooperation, creation of space and time for a dignified conversation. The director is one of the rare Latvian artists who purposefully work in genre of documentary, environmental and participation theatre. In 2014, her performance “Map of Roads”, taking place in the Riga Central Market meat pavilion, was included in the opening program of Riga – European Capital of Culture.

In 2015, performance “The Reading Room” (together with director M. Eihe) received great responses at the contemporary theatre festival Homo Novus. In the performance, the viewer came face to face with an “actor” – a person who read out loud his/her diary from the young days. In 2016 Krista bravely went into the unknown with her performance “The Borders. Riga”, creating a space of trust in the apartments of the residents in a residential complex in Purvciems. In 2017, a performance concerning the presence of mass war in peoples everyday lives called “Fortress” was created for the festival Homo Novus in Daugavgriva fortress with the participation of Daugavgriva and Bolderaja local residents. In 2018 a performance “Nocturne Rīga” (together with director E. Fields) was produced by contemporary theater festivals in London, Reykjavik and Riga. In 2020, Krista with her documentary performance “..trees have stopped talking since then” draws viewers’ attention to the condition of trees in the city and plants two lindens in the Riga city centre. 

Krista’s work has been awarded with national theatre and film awards of Latvia, invited to theatre and film festivals in London, Copenhagen, Den Hague, Riga, Reykjavik, Stockholm. Krista makes work for Homo Novus festival since 2008.

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Idea, Director, Dramaturgy: Krista Burāne
Designer: Pamela Butāne
Sound Design:Emīls Zilberts
Producer: Ieva Briede
Performers: Mārtiņš Meiers, Jānis Kronis
Script authors and voices: Cēsis New Primary School pupils: Ernests Purs, Anna Loze, Katrīna Kalniņa, Sebastians Janaus,Elza Māsēna, Emīls Ķirsis. Cēsis Friendly Appeal State Gymnasium pupils: Roberts Zimelis, Jānis Pomaskovs, Alise Medne, Martins Kristofers Audicks, Asnate Ivanova, Stella Herbsta, GustsKristaps Bernavs, Kārlis Linards Veitners, Katrīna Eliza Krišfelde, Una Bukša, Kristers Apinis, Paula Sietiņsone