Dirty Deal Teatro

Performance, Contemporary performance, 16+ Latvian with English Subtitles


Do thoughts belong to an individual person? Or can we merge two biographies into one? How unique are we in the ways we spend our lives? Although some dramatic events happen to us now and then, most of our time we are in the company of our own thoughts, with memories of past events forever bothering us and circling around our heads. Leaving behind their usual roles of theatre director and visual artist, Valters Sīlis and Kate Krolle create an intimate encounter that reflects on the complexity and beauty of everyday living and the fragility of creation. Devised as an audio track, it should be listened to in solitude while taking a walk. Guided by the voices and stories of the authors, Looks Like You’re Going To Die takes the listener on a wandering trip through the mind, memories, and different European cities. The artists suggest taking the audio walk outside and be ready to take a walk on any route you like. The voices will give you simple instructions on your way.

Artist / Company biography

Dirty Deal Teatro is an open platform for contemporary theatre and dance founded in 2007. Devised performances and original contemporary plays are the core of the theatre’s repertoire. Dirty Deal Teatro collaborates with artists whose work reflects political and social issues of our time or gives the possibility to look at common notions from an unusual angle. Big part of theatre’s mission is to work with young theatre artists so that they would have time and space to develop their own, unique artistic voice. Dirty Deal Teatro has also a program for children and youth. Widening the understanding of what is theatre and how it can tackle serious topics is important for children just as it is for adults.

More Information

Contact info

Anna Sīle, anna.sile@glowy.eu, +371 29394494


Idea, performers: Kate Krolle, Valters Sīlis
Artist: Reinis Bērziņš
Music: Arvīds Saulītis
Movement consultant: Elīna Gediņa
Lighting design: Jānis Sniķeris