Jana Jacuka

Performance, Contemporary performance, All English


“I’m afraid that today might not be successful,” says Jana in the performance and brings you into a fragile world where fear is not a sign of weakness, but rather a survival mechanism in daily life, relationships, at home, at work, on the street. The routine of fear has become part of Jana’s everyday life, but is that how it should be. How safe does a young woman feel as she is growing up? How can the safest space become the most dangerous? What are we speaking out about and what are we remaining silent about? The solo piece by choreographer Jana Jacuka is a personal story of a young woman about the world of the “weaker sex”.

“Routine of Fear” was nominated at Dance Award as ‘Best performance of  2019/2020″.

Artist / Company biography

Jana Jacuka is a performer and choreographer who actively works in the contemporary dance and theatre field. In her works she is interested in fragility of personal experience and in recent performances – “Everything will be ok” (2019) and “Routine of Fear” (2020) she started to explore domestic violence and has continued this research together with the dramaturg Laura Stašāne in the project Physical Evidence Museum (2020). These works have received international and  professional recognition. 



Contact info

Evija Sedola,, +371 29326251


Author of the text, Choreographer, Performer: Jana Jacuka
Dramaturgy: Laura Stašāne
Sound Design: Normunds Balodis
Lighting Design: Dina Beināre
Poster photography: Sandra Jascherica
Producer: Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

Production financially supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and Riga City Council.