Online, Talk Online
Nov 02, 11:00 (CET 10:00)


Live: Latvian Theatre Showcase invites you to meet with colleagues from around the world at a digital Bonfire and share new models of mobility and collaboration.

All participants are asked to prepare a brief presentation of new ideas around mobility (max 5 minutes), in relation to their work situation and experience and/or in relation to performing arts.

In intimate breakout rooms of only four people you will share your vision and listen to the others.

Credits: Samovar Circles is a short-term network initiated and partnered by Subtopia (Sweden), CircusInfo Finland (Finland), Performing Arts Hub (Norway), Teatronas (Lithuania), the Latvian New Theater Institute (Latvia) and Wildtopia (Denmark). Partners advocate for different priorities and missions, know different contexts, knowledge and practices. The six partners first collaborated in the context of Subcase Cyber ​​in 2021, then discovering that their differences are deeply valuable.