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A Voice from the Bel Etage, with the subtitle Three found voices, a lost opera, some misunderstood organs, and two suicides, is an interdisciplinary detective that brings together contemporary dance, academic, experimental music, and visual arts to tell the story through sound, movement, and spoken dialogue. The performance addresses the issue of the female voice in a literal and figurative way. In this show, English suffragette Emily Davison, Latvian composer Felicita Tomsone and the protagonist of Rainis* play “Blow, winds!” Barba become archetypal images that are helping to reveal the current issues of gender equality.

The message of the performance has been created combining the views wandering in the modern informative space – scientific and pseudo-scientific statements intertwined with the texts of archive protocols, ancient newspaper articles and fragments of Rainis play. At the same time, the new work reflects on the rules of the genre of musical and seeks directions for its development, both in a musical and choreographic sense.

* The most notable classic of Latvian literature.


Artist / Company biography

LAUKKU is a collective of co-thinkers and co-doers founded in 2017 as a continuation of yearly laboratories “New Dance in a New Place” taking place since 2013. Our aim is to promote contemporary art in rural and peripheral areas, build artistic alternatives through challenging urban lifestyles in big cities and centers. Peripheries and mobility are the two fundamental elements of our collective. We are an international group with members currently from Latvia, Finland, France, Germany, UK, Sweden, USA and Denmark, and we do collective work, so everything always begins with traveling or zooming. LAUKKU unites dance professionals and enthusiasts from different arts fields and other disciplines. LAUKKU pays particular attention to research, arts education, interdisciplinary collaborations and experiments. Community engagement projects play a crucial role in LAUKKU work. The aim of LAUKKU is to promote critical thinking and presence of contemporary arts in everyday life, paying particular attention to the territories and communities where the access to the variety of opinions is limited.

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https://laukku.lv, laukku@laukku.lv


Choreographers, Performers:  Agate Bankava, Agnese Bordjukova, Inta Balode
Dramaturgy: Maija Treile
Scenography, Costume Design: Elīna Valdmane
Composer: Platons Buravickis
Musicians: Anna Gāgane (clarinet), Laura Grecka (mezzo-soprano), Monta Martinsone (soprano) Aigars Raumanis (saxophone), Kārlis Rērihs (horn), Platons Buravickis (elektronics)