Jana Jacuka, Laura Stašāne

Pitch, Multidisciplinary, 16+


Physical Evidence Museum is a documentary exhibition in an ordinary apartment made of everyday things that have been collected with the help of many women from Latvia. All the objects on display are witnesses of domestic violence yet they would never be accepted as credible evidence in court or police. On the final day of the exhibition the 24h marathon of public readings is held – a symbolic act to confront the silence with voice.

Every third woman in Latvia has survived emotional, physical, economic or sexual abuse at their homes. 17% of cases end up in the police, while 83% are never reported and only women know what happened. Physical Evidence Museum is an attempt to listen to the survivors of domestic violence in a safe environment, because it’s not a secret anybody should carry alone.

Artist / Company biography

Dance artist Jana Jacuka and dramaturg Laura Stašāne started to explore the subject of domestic violence in Latvia in 2019 and this is their second piece together. Jana Jacuka is a performance artist and choreographer, who also works in theatre. In her work she focuses on such themes as fragility and personal experience. Laura Stašāne for many years has worked at the New Theatre Institute of Latvia where she initiated and managed several local and international art projects focusing on development of emerging makers, co-creation with communities, collective intelligence and new forms of cooperation. Since 2016, Laura works as dramaturge in different projects and explores ways to talk about abuse in public, the theme of domestic violence has become central to their collaborative practice.

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Authors: Jana Jacuka un Laura Stašāne
Artist, Scenographer: Izolde Cēsniece
Designer: Sabīne Ozoliņa
Sound and Video Design: Jēkabs Nīmanis
Museum employees: Ramona Galkina, Jana Jacuka
reading marathon participants: Annija Riekstiņa, Anastasija Neimane, Adriāna Roze, Anna Grabovska, Ieva Skadiņa, Agnese Berele, Lilita Berele, Marta Vaivode, Paula Luīze Pastore, Jana Aizupe, Karlīna Jansone, Džeina Mieze, Jana Jacuka, Sabīne Ozoliņa, Elīna Ceijere, Karīna Bāliņa, Laura Stašāne, Paula Terehova, Ramona Galkina, Arina Buboviča
Producers: Laura Stašāne, Jana Jacuka, New Theatre Institute of Latvia
Supporters: Creative Europe platform “Magic Carpets”, EU programme “Creative Europe”