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Tanabata or the Tale of Two Stars is a musical performance for the whole family, directed by Varis Klausītājs with the music written by Santa Ratniece. A dream-like ancient Japanese tale about the life in the kingdom of heaven, princess Orihimi, her fiancé Hikoboshi and king Tentei is told through music, drawings and dance. The thousand-year-old story of love and stars is revealed in a miraculous play that conjures fairy-tale characters in drawings, shadows and stage design created by the scenographer Hiroko Oshima.

This performance was originally created for the festival’s Cello Cēsis programme for younger audiences. It is a co-production with Japanese artists and the participation of the musical trio Art-i-shock. Before the event, children have the opportunity to practice the traditions of the Japanese festival Tanabata by writing wishes on small pieces of paper and hanging them on a bamboo tree.

Artist / Company biography

Drawing Theatre is a professional chamber theater of a unique theatre playing format combining drawing, music, dance and acting on a stage. This is a professional theater founded in 2008 by a director, actor and musician Varis Klausītājs. In his practice the drawing becomes a beautiful tool for an immersive performance that invites the audience to participate. The drawing always looks unfinished – these are just several lines on a paper which the viewer strives to revive with their imagination.

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Director: Varis Klausītājs
Scenographer: Hiroko Ošima (Japan)
Choreography: Minako Suzuki (Japan)
Musicians: trio Art-i-shock , “Cēsis” Vidzeme Concerthall
Management: Alise Žagare